Graham Napier

19 May

How about this for a long-awaited comeback: Continue reading

Free to Cook in London

4 May

Just a quick post… It seems that Alastair Cook has been given the freedom of the city of London. I’m not really sure what this entitles him to, but for scoring over 700 runs in an Ashes series I should think you are entitled to some pretty cool bonuses and rewards.

Time for a right old cockney knees up!

The Return of Michael Yardy

2 May

I wish Michael Yardy the very best of luck when he returns to cricket today for the first time since leaving the England world cup squad. Continue reading

Zulqarnain Haider Needs Asylum From Himself

17 Apr

Zulqarnain Haider is an interesting character. It’s hard to get a sense of what a person is really like when all you have to go on is how they are portrayed in the media, after all I’m not naive enough to believe everything I read in the papers. But Haider seems like a man who has perhaps not made the best choices in life. Continue reading

I own Chris Woakes

15 Apr

Chris Woakes belongs to me. I sat here during the entire world bloody cup watching England be shit and fanny around losing to biffers like Ireland and the cynical slow bowling of Bangladesh, so I’ve been rewarded with Chris Woakes. Continue reading

Tasty Onions

15 Apr

The man Lily Allen once described as “fit” is finally making a return to cricket after a long injury lay off. This has inspired me to blog about county cricket. Continue reading

Dalrymple Puts the Sex back into Middlesex

12 Apr

I know Ospriet is a huge Middlesex supporter but sadly he is currently indisposed so it’s up to me to blog on the glorious return to Middlesex of Jamie Dalrymple. Continue reading

Shane Watson Grand Biffing Champion of the Universe

11 Apr

Don’t let the title mislead you, Shane Watson isn’t actually a biffer. It’s just that I lack the vocabulary to suitably descripe his latest one day innings without using the word biffer. Continue reading

Wisden Cricketers Of The Year

8 Apr

Wisden has put forward it’s cricketers of the year for the 2011 almanack. As always the names spark debate but this year’s list breaks with tradition in a way I’m not sure anyone was expecting. Continue reading


6 Apr

A few things have popped up on the cricketing radar in the days since the world cup final, some of which are worth a post and might even prove to be interesting. Continue reading

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